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Strategy Planning

The reason why many web sites and online marketing campaigns do not work, is that there is often a lack of strategy behind what has been created. Your brand, USPs, clients and business objectives are unique to you and the optimum digital media solution is just as unique.
When you appoint Bite as your digital media partners, you instantly gain the benefit of our 9 years of experience of creating and marketing digital solutions, as well as our continuing understanding of evolving technologies and their appropriateness at any given time.
Our solutions are based around creating online 'customer relationships' and enabling our clients to manage those relationships.
Through profiling and analysing your customers, we can understand who they are and how they behave. This allows us to develop solutions that heighten the user experience and can increase revenue capabilities through delivering relevant content and propositions - the one-to-one marketing principle.
We can propose a host of suitable 'tried and tested' initiatives that will allow you to broaden your audience reach and ultimately your revenues.