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IDG is a UK based company, specialising in the research, development, manufacture and distribution of high quality products and services for microbiological analysis and quality assurance programmes worldwide. 

They used Lotus notes for their internal database system to record all sample products tests and results. IDG had outgrown the Lotus system and needed a new system to protect their client's information and to allow further optimisation of the functionality, on a more stable and scaleable platform.


The database system Bite created offers the required levels of stability, improved functionality and reporting and is designed in a very user friendly manner.  It is password protected system which also has different levels of access- webmaster, operator, user, end user. Most importantly it generates reports, certificates, prepares search results and enables IDG staff to easily use it with minimal training.


By choosing Bite IT's solution, IDG achieved the following:

  • Stable database
  • Modern, clean look
  • Easy navigation
  • Easy manipulation of stored data
  • Automatic creation of certificates and reports
  • Secure access area
  • Ability to update the content using any computer connected to the Internet from anywhere in the world
  • Ability to access important data through an online admin panel, available to be viewed 24/7