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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Our design skills ensure that the sites we build are search engine friendly, as is evidenced by the various number one Google placings we have attained.
This success is due to our ability to combine our skills in keyword analysis, strategy, marketing and design, to fully optimise the web site.

Where an existing site already exists, we can provide a report, making recommendations for changes to the design, functionality and content, to improve the search engine listings.

Our SEO package provides a very cost effective way to get expert SEO services, to attract traffic to your site, by obtaining prominent listings in the top search engines. 

SEO Package Costs

Set up fee of £ 800 + VAT
to commence undertake the analysis of your site and create the optimisation report.
Monthly fee £ 190 + vat
maintain the listings, report to you and to monitor the site's performance. The monthly fee is dealt with by way of standing order. The minimum term is 12 months.

A bespoke quote can be provided to clients who have specific requirements.

Next Steps?

1) Download an order form here and standing order form here
2) Sign and return the completed order form to us
3) Our sales team will contact you to commence the project.

Email if you have any queries.  


SEO Package Details

The service comprises 3 elements...

1. Site Analysis and Improvement Report & Keyphrase Analysis
2. Implementation of Recommendations
3. On-going Site Submission and Reporting

1. This is a comprehensive report which will make recommendations about keywords, phrases, site structure and other points which, when implemented, will increase the number and type of visitors to your site and ensure the traffic is aligned to your web marketing objectives.

Further it will address all the areas preventing your site achieving optimum rankings with all major search engines, for example problems that result from the use of technologies such as flash, javascript, dynamically created sites and frame sets etc, and advise on how to overcome them.

The report also makes suggestions about other associated forms of web marketing – eg link building strategies – and provides templates for you to carry out the work in a structured way at an appropriate time.

A crucial part of this is keyphrase analysis. We will carry out this analysis for you, with your input, and generate the best keyphrases for you to use to attract traffic to specific parts of your site.

These keyphrases will be based on relevance, level of competition and popularity
and will allow you to prioritise what specific searches you want to attract to different parts of your site:-

2. You will need to carry out work to implement the recommendations, or we could do it for you,at additional cost. In some cases this may be trivial but in others require more effort. We will advise on the essentials and those areas which could be implemented at a later date.

3. We will then submit the site to all the major search engines and directories. The rankings will be reviewed on a monthly basis and re-submissions manually carried out (in accordance with the search engine rules) if and when necessary to give higher rankings.

A report will be generated on a monthly basis showing the position - with a live link into each engine so the position can be verified. The overall objective here is to systematically move higher up
the rankings over a period of time such that eventually top ten rankings are achieved for all the major search engines.

The first report is sent to you approximately 6 weeks after the recommendations we make have been implemented, thereafter monthly.
Optimisation is on-going and you should let us know every time you change your site so we can ensure this will not affect the rankings