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Email Marketing Overview

We offer the  full range of email marketing services, from strategy consultancy, email design, distribution,  tracking, analysis and reporting.
Our in-house email marketing application 'Quick Bite' is designed to enable you to quickly analyse, design, implement and execute complex targeted email marketing campaigns. Providing both flexibility and control, our system integrates both deep marketing analytics with comprehensive campaign management, so that you can create and deliver relevant, permission-based messages that drive superior results.

Become a Mind Reader for 4p!

Would you like to get inside the heads of your clients and prospects to know which ones are interested in any particular product or service you offer for only 4p? Massively improve your sales conversion ratio by avoiding wasting time on those who are not interested and concentrate on those who are!
Once the system is set up, each additional client or prospect can be added for only 4p.

'Quick Bite' Costs 

1. Set up email system & create master template - £ 1,000 

2. Licence System (online tracking statistics, email editing & auto unsubscribe facility) - £ 100 per month
3. Distribute emails - 4p each
4. Optional telephone & email support -£ 100 per month

In addition to the email tracking facility, we can also provide strategy consultancy (at additional cost), to plan your campaigns and increase your conversion rates further and a fully managed service to create and manage the ongoing email campaigns.

Next Steps?

1) Download a sales order form here and standing order form here

2) Sign and return the completed order form and standing order mandate to us

3) Our sales team will contact you to commence the project.

Email if you have any queries.


Quick Bite Details

Creation, distribution and Analysis of Email Campaigns
Our ‘Quick-Bite’ email system, enables you to increase your sales conversion rates for new and existing clients, by identifying those users showing most interest in your products or services, thereby enabling you to focus your sales resources on this specific group.

The system enables you to distribute HTML emails to your existing contacts (eg clients, prospects, referrers etc…) and to track the level of interest each user shows in the email as a whole and in particular links to different services/products.

The Process
Bite create the master email template for you and show you how to easily update your contact lists, change the content of the email and distribute the email and track the results, through our easy to use online system.

Our online tracking reports facility enables you to quickly analyse the results of your email marketing campaigns, with a host of statistical reports including:-

• who opened the email
• how many times they opened it
• who clicked on what links
• how many email addresses were successfully delivered

A series of different emails can be sent to different groups within your contact list.
An ‘unsubscribe’ facility allows users to be removed from the system automatically.


Quick Bite log in (existing clients)
Download the info and examples sheet here

Download the user guide here 

Download the order form here