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Keyword Analysis Report

Many of our competitors simply take the keywords you provide and register these with the Search Engines, with no idea as to how much competition there is for these keywords or how many prospective users are searching for them.

Bite will ensure that your web site design and code will be optimised to enable the site to be registered with the leading search engines, but more importantly, we recommend including a Keyword Analysis Report, which determines:-

a) How many users are actually searching for the keywords you suggest
b) Other associated keywords which deliver more targeted users.
c) The optimum menu structure required to enhance your position on the Search Engines.

Once this initial research is completed, we can identify the associated keywords which have adequate traffic but are not highly competitive and therefore expensive. We can then recommend an online marketing strategy and quote exact costs to achieve your desired results, outlining the optimum balance between Pay Per Click campaigns and conventional search engine optimisation..