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'Invisible' Partner

Our client list includes
Thomsons HolidaysMacmillan Publishers
GE CapitalLucent Technologies

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'Invisible Partner' Solutions

It is common for some creative, advertising, PR or marketing agencies, to outsource work to Bite IT, but retain complete ownership of the client. We are also happy to operate on an ’invisible’ partnership basis, whereby we operate under the agency’s name. This can even include client meetings and project management, should the agency decide not to do this in-house.

In this instance, we discount our standard rates, to reflect the sales role that has been undertaken by the agency, which enables them to mark up our rates to the standard market rates, thereby making a significant margin on the entire project value.

We are experienced in working closely with agency personnel, to ’plug the gaps’ in resources or skill sets. This may involve purely adding database ’backend’ functionality to a site already created, or project managing and developing the entire project.

As we have programmers who are skilled in both graphic design as well as database design, we are able to offer a unique service, in terms of devising the most appropriate method of programming the functional aspects of the site, to maintain as much of the integrity of the original design, as possible.

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